Code leaks are draining your bottom line

Meet the affiliate link built for modern commerce

Safelinks allow affiliates to offer discounts to their audience without the risk of codes leaking. Here's how it works:

Affiliates promote a link to their audience and friends

Safelinks look just like normal affiliate links - and your affiliates can share them wherever they're already promoting you.
  • Customizable link format
  • Add addition UTM parameters
  • No disruption to your existing affiliates

Unique single-use coupons are generated for each referred customer

Every customer who clicks on a Safelink generates a unique, single-use discount code - just for them.
  • Personalize the shopping experience for affiliate traffic with a popup
  • Instantly create new codes in Shopify
  • Automatically apply codes at checkout

Affiliate codes are safe from leaks

Since every discount code generated from a Safelink is single-use, they are worthless to coupon sites and extensions.
  • Browser extensions will fail to inject used codes
  • Codes won't be generated from a Safelink if the referring URL is a coupon site

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