Influencer & creator management without the headache

Manage and automate all of your influencer partnerships in one place. Take control of the experience you give influencers from product seeding to payouts.

Ditch the tedious spreadsheets and manual payments

Let's face it. The old way of managing influencers is a mess.
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Meet the new way to scale word of mouth

Accurate influencer campaign attribution & ROI

Track all your influencer revenue in one place. Create separate programs for different influencers with unique attribution settings.
  • Customize attribution windows on the program level
  • Autogenerate UTM links + discount codes for new sign ups
  • View top performing affiliates & products
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Send payouts with two clicks

Bulk send cash, gift cards, and store credit payments directly to affiliates with 2 clicks. Let affiliates choose where they want to redeem their earnings from a self-serve payout redemption portal.
  • No more manual payments
  • Select which rewards affiliates get to choose from (over 700 options)
  • Add your branding to the redemption experience

Eliminate affiliate code leaks and coupon abuse

Meet Safelinks: An affiliate link that generates unique, single-use discount codes for every customer that clicks on it.
  • Prevent coupon abuse and affiliate attribution errors
  • Personalize the shopping experience for affiliate traffic
  • Secure profits otherwise lost to fraudulent commissions & discounts
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Automate product seeding and gifts

Automatically send gifts to new creators when you onboard them, or create tiers with gifts that can be earned by hitting performance milestones.
  • Choose redeemable gifts from your product catalog in Shopify
  • Affiliates get notified, choose their gift, & submit their shipping info from within their dashboard
  • An order is created in Shopify automatically

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