Turn your customers into motivated affiliates

Make your referral program a revenue powerhouse by treating customers as affiliates and providing them with powerful incentives.
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Traditional refer-a-friend programs should be left in the past

You've likely seen a traditional "Give $10 off, Get $10 off" program. You've unlikely seen it generate over 1% of a brand's revenue. It's time we revisited the legacy referral model.
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Give $10, Get $10
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Meet the new way to scale word of mouth

“Social Snowball just does a better job of refer-a-friend

- Nik Sharma,

Automate affiliate onboarding

When a new customer purchases from your store, an affiliate account + unique code/link is generated for them instantly, and displayed natively on the thank you page.
  • Remove all friction from customers generating referrals
  • Create sign up forms for past purchasers
  • Automate all communication in Klaviyo & more
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Painless cash & store credit payouts

Bulk send cash, gift cards, and store credit payments directly to affiliates with 2 clicks. Let affiliates choose where they want to redeem their earnings from a self-serve payout redemption portal.
  • No more manual payments
  • Select which rewards affiliates get to choose from (over 700 options)
  • Add your branding to the redemption experience

Create and automate a tiered referral structure

Create multiple programs that are customized for specific groups of affiliates. Segment VIP ambassadors from everyday customers, and provide program-specific incentives like cash, free products, discount codes, store credit, gift cards, and more.
  • Each program has unique tracking, rewards, & more
  • 10+ targeting rules to segment affiliates off of
  • All segmentation events are triggers in Klaviyo & more

Eliminate affiliate code leaks and coupon abuse

Meet Safelinks: An affiliate link that generates unique, single-use discount codes for every customer that clicks on it.
  • Prevent coupon abuse and affiliate attribution errors
  • Personalize the shopping experience for affiliate traffic
  • Secure profits otherwise lost to fraudulent commissions & discounts
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