Top 5 Must Have Affiliate Email Templates

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By now, you will hopefully have read the article on how to integrate Social Snowball with Klaviyo. Once this integration is complete, the Social Snowball team will hop right in and build out the flows for you, so that you can start turning your customers into affiliates.

However, to make the most of these templates, we recommend customizing them according to your brand guidelines.

The key here is incentivizing your customers and making your affiliates feel part of the family. Social Snowball has taken care of the messaging for you. However, if you’d like to add some specific language that speaks to your customers, that’s definitely something we would advise.

Today, we’ll run over the Top 5 Social Snowball email templates we’d advise you to customize while showing you how to get creative with your emails, thanks to our tool, Mailsplash.

But first, let’s briefly discuss why personalization and branding are crucial in email marketing.

Personalization enhances engagement and builds meaningful relationships by tailoring content to individuals, which helps improve the overall customer and affiliate experience. Simultaneously, consistent branding in emails heightens your brand recognition, establishes trust and credibility, and fosters an emotional connection with your customers and affiliates. It’s essential to get a good balance of personalization and branding. This elevates the impact of each email and reinforces a cohesive brand identity across all marketing channels, making your brand more memorable.

How do I customize my Social Snowball templates to achieve that by now?

So let’s hop right into the 5 templates you can use as inspiration for your Social Snowball templates!

1. Skims’ Affiliate Code Discount Change Email Template

The ‘Affiliate Code Discount Change’ template is essential to keep affiliates up-to-date with any changes to their discount codes. This template is not just about conveying information; it’s about making the discount code pop out at first glance. Using bold fonts, striking colors, and an attention-grabbing layout, we’re trying to ensure the code is clearly visible. Beyond the aesthetics, you can see in the email example that we add dynamic elements like graphics or interactive features to the email, transforming a standard notification into an engaging and exciting experience for the affiliate. This level of engagement is crucial, as it informs the affiliate and motivates them to actively share their code with enthusiasm.

2. Boohoo’s Affiliate Notification of Sale Email Template

This template is crafted to celebrate and acknowledge the success of your affiliates. It is a pivotal communication tool that alerts affiliates immediately when a sale is made through their referral and is designed to highlight what the affiliate cares about the most, the sale amount, and the commission earned – in a visually prominent and attractive manner. This approach acknowledges your affiliates’ efforts and serves as a motivational boost, encouraging them to keep going. Think about the dopamine rush when you get a notification for your eCom store — we’re recreating that feeling. This emotional resonance is critical in maintaining high levels of motivation and engagement among affiliates.

3. Kylie Cosmetics’ Affiliate Paid Email Template

The ‘Affiliate Paid’ email template plays a crucial role in the affiliate journey, as we are now letting them know that the commission we mentioned in the last email has now been paid. This template is all about reinforcing the tangible rewards of their affiliate activities. The design celebrates these earnings with large, bold numbers that clearly display the payment amount, creating an immediate sense of excitement. As you can see in the example, we like to weave in the brand’s unique styling to personalize the experience, strengthening the affiliate’s sense of belonging and connection to the brand. This personalized approach not only acknowledges their contribution but also fosters a stronger relationship between your brand and the affiliate.

4. Fashion Nova Signed Up as an Affiliate Email Template

For affiliates who have manually signed up, the first communication they receive is crucial, and our template here ensures it’s impactful. This email is more than just a welcome message; it’s a comprehensive guide designed to set them up for success. The discount code is displayed prominently, ensuring that it catches their eye. However, our template goes beyond visibility; it guides new affiliates on how to effectively use and share this code, particularly on social media platforms. Furthermore, we include links to valuable resources like blog posts, offering practical advice on how to achieve their first sale and flourish in their new role. This approach ensures that manual sign-ups are not just informed but are also empowered to start their affiliate marketing journey confidently.

5. Pretty Little Thing Signed Up via a Purchase Email Template

This template is designed for customers who have just made a purchase and are potential affiliates… we’re now leveraging your existing customer base. This email mirrors the design of the manual sign-up template but adds an extra layer of allure to convert customers’ interest into a commitment to your affiliate program. The design is both visually appealing and functional, making the discount code prominent and providing clear directions for its effective sharing on social media. In addition to this, we include helpful content links, equipping new affiliates with the knowledge and tools they need for a quick and efficient start, using the same blog post link in the email above. This strategic approach is not just about converting a customer into an affiliate. Rather, it’s about setting the foundation for a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship.

Each of these templates is meticulously crafted to not only fulfill their specific communication purpose but also to enhance the overall affiliate experience. They are more than mere emails — they are strategic tools designed to engage, excite, and empower affiliates, ultimately driving sales and fostering a strong affiliate-brand relationship.

Stuck on the creative process?

This is exactly why we created Mailsplash, where you can sign up and take advantage of these kinds of templates but also create your own designs within minutes. We understand that creating stunning designs isn’t everyone’s forte, and if you’re a brand owner, you most likely don’t have the time to put into learning graphic design.

Now, you can use your own unique branding to make your customers and affiliates feel like part of the family, with ease. Mailsplash allows you to add your product(s), logo(s), color(s) and more, all to create appealing email campaigns for your brand.

Head over to Mailsplash by clicking here.

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