The Crucial Missing Piece To Your Customer Acquisition Strategy

Your ads aren’t hitting like they used to — this affiliate program ran on autopilot and is here to save you.

Let’s keep it real — the ad game has never been harder than it is right now. E-commerce brands and media buyers everywhere are all feeling that same sense of stress whenever clicking refresh on their Meta ads dashboard. Collectively, we’re seeing a huge surge in Cost Per Acquisition, rising CPMs, messy attribution and tracking, and more competition than ever before.

These challenges are forcing brands to constantly adapt, optimize their back end, and iterate on creatives. But even then, most are still battling to break even on day 1 conversion. Sound familiar?

Any real player in e-commerce knows we are currently in the toughest of times. But, it’s tough times that allow us to look for new methods and new opportunities.

Maybe Organic Is The Answer?

The debate between paid and organic acquisition has been a topic of discussion since the beginning, but here’s the reality: the most successful brands aren’t picking sides — they’re integrating both strategies into their game plan.

What do you do when paid ads are getting too expensive? You dive into organic content. On the flip side, organic acquisition isn’t about standing out; it’s about seamlessly blending into the digital landscape. The need of the hour is staying current and actively engaging with platforms like TikTok, Instagram & Facebook Reels, and YouTube Shorts. Embracing trends, participating in conversations, and crafting content that resonates within the community are the keys to unlocking organic success.

The potential of a single viral video cannot be overstated. It holds the transformative power to reshape a brand’s trajectory entirely.

But even if you’re perfecting both your paid and organic strategies, you’re still missing out on the biggest opportunity to drive consistent net new customers on the back burner, profitably.

Let’s talk about the recent transformation in affiliate marketing.

The Unexploited Gold Mine: Affiliate Marketing

Amidst the chaos, there’s a treasure trove that many brands are yet to tap into: Affiliate Programs. Setting up an affiliate program has never been more accessible or cost-effective. This ingenious strategy turns customers into brand ambassadors, creating an acquisition engine that operates seamlessly in the background. It’s the missing piece in the acquisition puzzle that many brands overlook. Sound too good to be true? Let’s have a look at some case studies to prove otherwise.

The Pod Company, a portable ice pod DTC brand, learned in a post-purchase survey that more than 20% of their purchases were coming from referrals from their friends and family. Ready for the kicker? There was initially no incentive for their referrals. Plug in an incentivized affiliate referral program and this is like pouring gasoline on a fire. The result of The Pod Company teaming up with Social Snowball, the leaders in making Affiliate Marketing Programs easier than ever, led to an additional $90,000/month from referrals. Simply incredible. This isn’t a one-off though.

One of the biggest fear factors of Affiliate Marketing is how messy it can get to track attribution, sales, payments to influencers, and promo codes getting leaked, it’s a brand owner’s nightmare. These are some of the issues that this DTC company called Tabs Chocolate was encountering. Enter the solution, yet again, Social Snowball. It didn’t take long to implement systems to fix all of this. Social Snowball configured a trustworthy attribution system, allows payments to be made in as little as 2 clicks, and manages various incentives for different creators. Not only did it tidy up their influencer headaches, but it also provided a 9.8x ROI.

Still Unsure? Let’s kill some doubts.

Question: Isn’t affiliate marketing just another form of paid advertising, and how can it ensure expanded reach for my brand?

Answer: While affiliate marketing involves partnerships, it differs from traditional advertising. With platforms like, influencer partnerships can offer expanded reach by tapping into engaged audiences that may be difficult to target through conventional methods. By leveraging influencers’ existing follower bases, your brand gains access to a broader and more receptive audience, enhancing visibility and driving potential customers to your DTC or Shopify store. Also, keep in mind that with stricter advertising policies, it can be more difficult to have ads approved for some products. Tabs Chocolate faced this issue as well but still made it to the feed through their creator’s organic posting.

Question: How can I be sure that influencer partnerships won’t compromise my brand’s credibility and trust?

Answer: Influencers often have established relationships built on trust with their followers. By carefully selecting influencers aligned with your brand values and target audience, you can enhance your brand’s credibility. allows you to identify influencers with a strong bond of trust, ensuring that your brand is promoted by individuals who resonate with and are trusted by their audience, thereby maintaining and even strengthening your brand’s credibility. The choice is yours on who you want to represent your brand.

Question: Is relying on influencers for marketing too focused on appearances and lacking authenticity?

Answer: Authenticity is a cornerstone of successful influencer marketing. facilitates authentic relationships with influencers who genuinely connect with their followers. This authenticity translates into content creation that aligns directly with the audience, making the message more effective. The genuine and relatable nature of influencer-generated content contributes to a more authentic brand image and resonates better with potential customers.

Question: Isn’t influencer marketing an expensive strategy, especially for smaller DTC brands with limited budgets?

Answer: Contrary to the perception of high costs, influencer partnerships can be a cost-effective marketing strategy, especially for smaller DTC brands. enables brands to discover and collaborate with influencers within their budget range. Compared to traditional advertising methods, influencer marketing often provides a better return on investment, allowing smaller brands to leverage the reach and engagement of influencers without breaking the bank. This cost-effectiveness is particularly beneficial for brands looking to maximize their impact with limited resources. It’s critical to know your customer LTV and strategically select your payout that makes sense for your brand but also is intriguing for creators/influencers.

Embracing the Fusion for Success

The advertising mix has changed and it is now Paid Efforts + Organic Efforts + Affiliate Marketing Program. This is no longer a “nice to have” but a crucial piece to company growth. There is no better way to spread brand awareness than a wildfire with backend management as precise as an atomic clock. This is a wave you don’t want to miss to begin building your army of affiliates.

In conclusion, the path to e-commerce success is no longer a straight line; it’s a synergistic blend of various acquisition methodologies. It’s tough out there, but with a comprehensive approach, success is not just achievable — it’s inevitable.

Ecommerce Tips
Published on
November 27, 2023
Written by
Antonio Duplessis
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