How to Identify and Stop Leaked Affiliate Codes

Today, we released an update to the most requested new feature to date on the Social Snowball platform.

In case you missed it, we recently launched the Leaked Discount Code Center: Where brands can detect affiliate and referral discount codes that leak on sites like Honey and most importantly, take action.

Leaked Discount Center Demo

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Why Did We Build This?

Since starting Social Snowball and working with thousands of brands, we’ve seen a number of problems that are consistent for every business. Despite the different challenges, nothing seemed as constant as leaked referral and affiliate codes.

Noah Tucker, CEO of Social Snowball, said “Coupon codes are one of the most popular ways to track referral sales and offer an incentive to new customers. When these codes leak to coupon sites like Honey, it messes up the affiliate program’s attribution and can ruin a brand’s margins

The problem is bigger than you think, “almost all brands running a referral or affiliate program with discount codes will see a leak,“ Noah said.

Why now? “Discount codes are critical on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and so are the power of referral and affiliate programs. With each new purchase, a customer who joins a referral or affiliate program can share their discount code with a friend. If each person already knows they can use a discount code scraper, the need for sharing word-of-mouth is lessened,” Noah said.

The impact? Brands suffer. After years of planning, the team prioritized it so Social Snowball customers could take advantage before the busiest time of year.

How Does the Leaked Discount Code Center Work?

When a leaked code is detected, Social Snowball will Notify the brand and tag referrals that came from coupon sites. The brand can then ignore the code leak, change the affiliate’s code, or if suspicious of intentional fraud, ban the affiliate altogether.

This is game changing for brands who run referral and affiliate programs using discount codes. When brands are creating thousands of discount codes through a referral and affiliate program, even a few code leaks can impact your margins. Having a tool that catches the leaked codes in the same place where you manage your referral and affiliate programs keeps everything in one place.

The latest updates

Today, we released a new update to the leaked discount code center! For brands using this feature, you can identify sales that are made through leaked codes faster, and take action directly from the Social Snowball back-end.

How? Because we’ll now display a clear tag beside the referral sale made! Check it out here:

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Stop Your Referral and Affiliate Codes from Leaking

Billion dollar companies like Honey or RetailMeNot, and Capital One have been built on one mission–To help consumers find leaked discount codes and allow them to purchase products from ecommerce brands at a reduced cost.

Although consumers benefit from hidden discounts, it’s a major challenge for ecommerce brands who are operating with higher-than-ever costs to acquire and many offering standing welcome discounts of 10% or more.

The Leaked Discount Code Center is an extremely powerful tool for any brand running a referral or affiliate program with discount codes, and can save thousands in gross merchandise value lost to leaked discount codes.

To see the leaked discount code center in action, book a time to chat with the Social Snowball team, or try the platform free.

Right now, this feature is only available to brands using Shopify Plus, but we’re working to unroll it to all Shopify plans in the near future. If you’re already using Social Snowball and are on Shopify Plus, follow this guide to start detecting leaked discount codes.

Published on
January 5, 2023
Written by
Katie Krische
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