How to Create UGC Hooks That Instantly Grab Attention

Over the years, various creatives have emerged – encompassing the good, the bad, and the ugly. Crafting compelling visuals is paramount in the ever-evolving e-commerce landscape, where attention is the most valuable currency. From captivating imagery to sensory-rich experiences, the possibilities are endless. In the world of UGC ads, here’s what stood out in the past year:


You want your videos to offer more than just attractive visuals but a full-on sensory experience.

Combine visually appealing elements with satisfying sounds – it could be the sizzle of a pan for a cooking gadget, unboxing a package, or gently tapping your product.

💡 Best Practices

  1. Sync your visuals with subtle, calming sounds to create a harmonious ASMR experience
  2. Experiment with different textures in your visuals to enhance the sensory appeal
  3. Keep it authentic – let the ASMR experience feel genuine and not overly produced

Bizarre UGC Hook Shot  

Go for those jaw-dropping shots that make you do a double-take.

Think weird, intriguing visuals that practically force people to hit the pause button and take a closer look.

💡 Best Practices

  1. Play with creative angles and perspectives to add an extra layer of intrigue.
  2. Keep it short and impactful – bizarre hooks work best when they’re quick and memorable.

Green Screen Talking Head

It’s like having a friendly face talking directly to you against a backdrop that’s as interesting as the conversation.

Spice up your talking head with cool backgrounds or graphics to keep things lively.

💡 Best Practices

  1. Choose backgrounds that complement your brand without distracting the speaker.
  2. Maintain eye contact with the camera to establish a personal connection.
  3. Inject humor or personality into your talking headshots for added engagement.

Problem Hooks

Show the everyday struggles your folks are dealing with, and then introduce your product as the superhero solution.

Start with the problem – perhaps a messy room, frizzy hair, or uneven skin. Use visuals that scream, “I get you, and I can help!”

💡 Best Practices

  1. Use relatable scenarios that resonate with your target audience.
  2. You can also showcase real user before-and-after visuals to reinforce the effectiveness of your product.

TikTok Made Me Buy This

Ever bought something because TikTok said so? Yeah, it’s a thing. Showcase real people sharing their “TikTok made me buy this” moments. Capture their genuine reactions – the good, the surprising, and the hilarious.

TikTok Question Box

Get interactive! Just like how your favourite creator answers questions about a product in a fun and spontaneous way. Make it feel like a cozy chat about something you’re genuinely interested in.

💡 Best Practices

  1. Feature questions that speak to your user’s major pain point.
  2. Keep it authentic!
  3. Respond like a friend, not a brand.

Texture Shots

Let’s not just talk about the benefits – let’s show them.

Zoom in on your product, let people see the texture, and the ingredients, and practically feel it through the screen.

Typically, a texture shot is often used when promoting skincare brands.

In general, think of your visuals as a friendly conversation starter – something that makes people go, “Wait, what’s happening here?” while keeping it real and relatable.

💡 Best Practices

  1. Showcase the details – zoom in on textures, ingredients, and product features.
  2. Use soft, natural lighting to highlight the tactile aspects of your product.
  3. Incorporate touch-related sounds or descriptions to enhance the sensory experience (similar to ASMR).

Reaction Hook

Capture those genuine moments of the user experiencing your product for the first time.

The reaction hook is all about showcasing real emotions, adding authenticity to your video, and building trust with your audience.

In this shot, feature creators/real users unboxing or using your product, highlighting their spontaneous and authentic reactions.

Whether it’s a smile of delight, a look of surprise, or a genuine “wow” moment, these reactions create a connection with viewers, making them feel like they’re part of a shared experience.

💡 Best Practices

  1. Make sure the reactions are authentic and not too overly made up.
  2. Capture a range of emotions – joy, surprise, satisfaction.
  3. You can also use real customer testimonials as voiceovers to complement the visual reactions.

The world of UGC ads shows that successful advertising hinges on creating content that is not only eye-catching but also deeply engaging and relatable.

Techniques like the sensory-rich ASMR, the intriguing bizarre hooks, the friendly green screen talking heads, the empathetic problem hooks, the trend-setting TikTok formats, the detailed texture shots, and the genuine reaction hooks, each offer unique ways to connect with your audience.

Remember, the magic lies in blending these visual strategies with your brand’s unique personality.

Keep it authentic, inject creativity, and above all, enjoy the process. By doing so, you’re not just showcasing a product, you’re weaving a compelling narrative that draws your audience into your brand’s world.

And this is what Terfuu is all about. If you’re interested in chatting with them, please feel free to book your audit call here.

Here’s to creating ads that don’t just capture attention, but also capture hearts. Let the creativity flow!

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February 16, 2024
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